*​ACE Classroom Fitness Certified

*Personal Training Certified

*MIT Certified

*ISSA Certified in Sports Nutrition

*Bosu Ball Certified 

*Kettlebell Certified

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Fitness Center of Windmark Beach, Port Saint Joe FL 


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We’re a small elite fitness & training center with a strong commitment towards personalized service and offer individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Nothing's more important than good health. So why aren't you working out? Probably because you're just now checking us out. Here we are, located in Windmark beach, and we are open to the public!! Nutrition expert Dana Black offers meal planning, one on one fitness, as well as classes. It's all at your finger tips!



Founded: 2009

Owner: Dana Black


Issa Certified Trainer (#244831)
Nutrition Specialist (#425789)


Areas of expertise:  Group Fitness Personal Training Nutrition 

Best of the Forgotten Coast 1st Place



These awards celebrate and recognize the best our community has to offer. Chosen as the best Fitness Center in the area, we strive to deliver a service that caters to you!