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Join a Fitness Class

There is a class for everyone at FIT!

Classes Pricing: check with and pay instructor

Please text/call the instructors to confirm each class is on before you attend


TABATA with Dana

Mondays - 7 AM / 8 AM ET

Tabata training is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program that increases endurance and performance for your aerobic (cardiovascular) and anaerobic (muscular) systems. 

Tabata training works in 20 second intervals of high intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and repeated eight times for a total of four minutes.

Dana Black 850-527-0392


Monday / Wednesday / Friday - 6am Eastern

Strength, Stability & Flexibility!
Join us as at 6am 

Monday - Tabata - a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Wednesday - Circuit - a total body challenge

Friday - Bootcamp - the perfect routine for a Friday workout


Beth Wilkinson 678-860-6101

Yoga Studio
Yoga Mat and Straps

YOGA with Beth

Tuesdays - 5:30 PM ET

Beth’s yoga classes are gentle and accessible to all levels of yogis.

Sessions are focused on alignment and form.

Beth Wilkinson 678-860-6101

CIRCUIT with Dana

Wednesdays - 7 AM / 8 AM ET

An efficient workout that integrates strength, balance, coordination, and cardio. Circuit training is a total body challenge that is designed to target strength building and improve agility and muscular endurance through various stations. 

Dana Black 850-527-0392

Gym Equipments

BOOTCAMP with Dana

Friday - 7 AM / 8 AM ET

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) with bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity, including functional fitness, such as using whole-body, and multijoint exercises that simulate movements people do in life.

Dana Black 850-527-0392

Yoga Mats

Meet the Instructors

Dana guitar.jpg

Dana Hunt Black

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Dana has been in the fitness industry for 30 years. 

Dana's first certification was with ACE Classroom Fitness in 1988. NFPT personal training certificate in 2003, ISSA certification in sport nutrition in 2005. Bosu Ball certification in 2010.

Kettlebell certification in 2014. MIT certification in 2017. Owner/Operator at Fit as a Fiddle since 2009. 

Dana is also a prolific American songwriter, co-writing Grammy nominated songs, along with her husband Charlie Black.




Cindy Summers

Personal Training,

one-on-one sessions



Beth new pic.jpg

Beth Wilkinson

​Beth has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She received her 200 hour-RYT training in 2015 and  her 500 hour-RYT in 2019 . Beth and her husband relocated to the area, and she is excited to be a part of the wellness community on the Forgotten Coast. Beth is also a certified health coach and an essential oil junky.




Carolyn Boucher

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Carolyn Boucher (E-RYT) is an Artist and certified Yoga Instructor. She began practicing yoga in 2009 and has been teaching professionally since 2014. When not on her mat, you can find Carolyn spending time in nature, playing with her rescue dog Kirby, and enjoying all things creative. She loves sharing yoga with the community and hopes to see you in class soon!


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